The Boats


Wy’East has many types of boats, each appropriate for different activities or different types of water.

The War Canoe

Talapas is a certified Coast Guard inspected passenger vessel with a 42 person capacity. It is primarily paddled with 22 paddling positions, but has an auxiliary motor for safety back-up. Talapas is inspected annually by the Coast Guard to meet passenger vessel standards and carries light, sound, and fire safety …

The Driftboat

These 16 foot white water craft allow comfortable seating for 2 or 3 passengers. They are specifically designed for stand up fly casting as we drift down stream. They are suited for class I to IV whitewater. Although fishing has been the primary use for this craft, it makes a …

Condor, A Dugout Canoe Replica

  Condor is a 34 foot long replica of the dugout canoes Native Americans used on rivers and estuaries of the Northwest.   It’s lines are sleek enough that no one has to work too hard when the whole group is helping each other.

The Sweep Boat

The sweep boat evolved from the big rafts used in the early days on the Mississippi.  Nearly a hundred years ago, the Sweepboat was refined for use along the Salmon River in Idaho to haul supplies and mining equipment down whitewater.   It’s a  23 foot raft capable of taking …