header-condorWe specialize in custom.  With six different boats, and routes running from hours to days on any one of five different rivers, you can have the trip of a lifetime.

Lewis & Clark

Travel the actual route Lewis and Clark explored to find their 1805-6 winter camp. Your perspective of their adventure will come alive as you help paddle a 50-foot replica of a Native American dugout canoe. Listen to accounts of their exploits as you pass islands and land formations like Pillar Rock where the party first […]

Corporate retreats

The John Day River canyon is out of reach from the nearest cell tower. Just imagine the opportunity of spending time with your team without interruption, working together to run rapids, getting to know each other and sharing an experience that will last a lifetime. Use this time wisely, and your customers, coworkers and shareholders will all benefit from […]


Forget about walking down the aisle. Can you imagine meeting your wedding guests on a 30 or 51 foot long  canoe? As a ship’s Captain, Mike is authorised by the state of Oregon and long tradition to perform the ceremony. but you’re only married as long as you stay on the boat, so you might […]

Family reunions

A river trip on Talapas, the 51 foot Indian War Canoe, with comfortable seating for 36 people, age 3 to 93, is the perfect event to reunite with friends and family. Stay on the boat for a trip up to the falls, or take a ride out to an island and enjoy a catered picnic. You […]

Church Youth Group Trips

Youth today are surrounded by all sorts of distractions.   Why not change the pace and allow them some fellowship on a river …. paddling or just absorbing the experience as you float along.   Spontaneous discussions and ideas are sure to arise.